A 52 year old female presented to our clinic with chronic pain in the side of her R hip and pain radiating down her R thigh and leg. She presented with difficulty in sitting for a long time, sleeping on her affected side, climbing stairs, walking and maintaining her regular fitness routine. Her social life was adversely affected as well. She was diagnosed with sciatica and bursitis a year ago by her Doctor. She was very nervous on her first day and was highly sensitized to her pain. After a thorough evaluation she was educated about pain science and the nature of pain in detail and the different changes that have taken place in her body that have led her to feeling these uncomfortable sensations. She took a sigh of relief and felt like someone finally understood her and her pain. She then gave her best attempt at therapy for the next 8 weeks and was diligent with her home exercises. Upon completion of her program, she walked out pain free, physically uninhibited and with the biggest smile that we had ever seen on her.