In Clinic Physiotherapy

Visit our clinic in person to utilize our expertise and state of the art equipment to help you with your rehab journey

At Zen Physio we believe in providing the best for our clients from our expertise to our state of the art equipment. We take pride in having our clinic equipped with the latest and the best instruments, equipments and modalities. We have aimed at creating a Zen environment at the clinic that instills a sense of peace and calmness to help you with your healing journey. Contact us to set up a clinic tour.

Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is a branch of healthcare that uses specialty exercises and equipment to help patients regain and improve their physical abilities, manage pain, thereby improving the quality of life. Whereas, Physiotherapists are movement experts who help improve the quality of life of their patients by prescribing therapeutic exercises, hands on care and patient education. Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to older individuals nearing their end of life.

Physiotherapy will help improve the quality of your life by helping you to restore and regain your movement, increasing your physical ability and by helping you with pain management.

We work with and without Doctor’s referrals. We do not require a Doctor’s referral/ prescription to treat you. By law, physiotherapists have direct access and can treat you directly without a prescription.
The timeline to get better completely depends on your condition. Although, it might not be the case for every individual since everyone’s body reacts differently but acute, subacute and non-surgical cases can take anywhere from 8-12 visits. Whereas, chronic conditions and post surgical cases typically take longer. We encourage our patients to complete their entire program to prevent relapses and re-injuries. We believe in long term effects.
Cost varies from condition to condition and on the treatment time per session. However, we incentivise your improvement. Call us to know more about our unique pricing system.
No. Your body is made to move. We follow the mantra that “motion is lotion” you need to move to feel better. Off course the exercises that you would perform are guided therapeutic movements that are supervised by our experts which are aimed at relieving pain and helping you get stronger. On your first visit we will also educate you about different types of pain and what different pain sensations mean and how to manage it.
If you can, pre-fill your paperwork that we send you and email it back to us. If not, don’t worry you can still physically fill it out at the clinic. Just try to arrive 10-15 mins prior to your appointment time. Wear exercise friendly clothing, have at least 1.5 hours on hand for your first visit to go through the intake process. Lastly, don’t be nervous. We are looking forward to meet you.

Home Physiotherapy

At Zen Physio we believe in safety, convenience and comfort of our patients and clients. We understand that certain conditions can make it very difficult and time consuming to travel to our clinic and for this very reason we have created a “ mobile-clinic” that is ready to come to you with our experts.

Most of our sessions last for about 60 mins but depending on the patient and their condition we also offer sessions that at greater than 60 mins and less than 60 mins.
Yes, you don‘t have to worry about not having equipments at home. We will bring equipments that you need for your session. Think of this as a mobile clinic coming to you.
The best way to prepare your home is by setting up a space that is open and well lit, wear exercise clothing, that makes it easier for the Physiotherapist to track your movements and alignment.
We offer most services as a part of home physiotherapy that are offered at the clinic. You can exercise from the comfort of your home and save traveling time. However, you won’t be able to utilize the larger equipments and machines the we have at the clinic.
Yes you can. We in fact encourage a combination of both in certain conditions. Eg: early stages of rehab and pain management can be conducted at home and advanced stages like sport specific training and conditioning can be done at the clinic.


Visit our virtual clinic for online physiotherapy and get treated by our experts 1:1 exclusively in real time in just one click.

At Zen Physio we are true to our promise to be there for you throughout no matter where you are. Injured yourself when traveling? Have a busy schedule at work and cannot travel to come see us? Uncomfortable to move outside the house during a pandemic? Live overseas? Then TelePhysio is the right option for you.

TelePhysio (online physiotherapy) is a form of Physiotherapy treatment done over a digital platform that you can opt for from the comfort of your home, office or another part of the world where we do not have a physical location. TelePhysio can be utilized for assessments and/or follow up treatments where a Physiotherapist will go through a detailed history, current limitations, goals, outcomes, etc and will design a customised exercise program that will be supervised by our experts.

Your Physiotherapist with ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and condition. You will then be guided to perform different set of movements from head to toe, your dysfunctions if any will be noted. Your movement and pain pattern will give your Physiotherapist a lot of information regarding your problem areas and root cause. You will then be guided toward certain special movements and functional tests that will provide more information to your Physiotherapist. They will then design a custom program for your needs that targets your problem areas. These exercises will then be supervised by our Physiotherapists to check your real time responses and to make sure you are doing them correctly without injuring yourself. Just like how you would do it at the Clinic. We have observed good outcomes with this mode of treatment.

All you need is a laptop/tablet/smartphone, a good WiFi connection, a spot to place your device , well lit and an open space to conduct your exercises. Make sure your microphone and video settings are enabled.

Don’t worry, we will set everything up for you with a direct link e-mailed to you with a scheduled appointment time for your online physiotherapy. All you have to do is click on the link and will take you straight to our virtual clinic. We will also send you a reminder for your appointment.

We take patient privacy very seriously. Our digital platform for online physiotherapy is HIPAA compliant and all your information is safely encrypted which makes sure that none of our client‘s information is shared outside.


A form of workout and rehab which targets at improving posture alignment and core strengthening. With low impact on joints, Pilates is a chosen method to help with long lasting effects.

At Zen Physio we believe in teaching our clients all the tricks and helping them understand and manage their bodies better. Pilates was originally created by Joseph Pilates for Rehab purposes which taught people how to created stability by developing control over different muscle groups in the body, especially the core. Developing longer, leaner muscles and a sculpted and toned body is a wonderful side-effect of practicing Pilates. Opt for pilates as a part of rehab or incorporate it in your regular fitness routine.

Pilates is for everyone; young, old, men or women. In fact, the person who developed pilates was a man – Joseph Pilates. There are different levels and modifications in pilates that can work with different body types and different levels of fitness.

No, you don‘t need to be strong in order to start with pilates. On the contrary, you will develop more strength after practicing pilates. Pilates can be utilized for a variety of fitness levels, from anyone who is just stepping into rehab to someone who has advanced fitness levels.
If you recently underwent surgery, we encourage you to talk to our staff. Pilates can definitely be a part of your rehab program. Level of pilates will depend on your affected body part and current physical limitations.
Yes you can definitely practice Pilates as a form of workout. We encourage our clients to maintain and regularly strengthen their bodies to prevent injuries. Besides, pilates helps develop longer and leaner looking muscles and helps tone your body. No wonder it is a pleaser with quite a few celebrities around the world.
Pilates helps with improving core strength and stabilization which is required to overcome most injuries and conditions. A few examples of conditions that can be helped with pilates are back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic instability, sacro-iliac dysfunction, knee pain, post-natal pain and weakness, pre-natal pain and weakness.