A 90 year old woman presented post a total hip replacement surgery which was done after she had a fall in her bathroom and fractured her right hip. She presented with a lot of muscle weakness, muscle wasting (atrophy), difficulty turning in bed, difficulty standing up from the chair and bed. She could barely walk and could only take 4-5 steps at a time. She was physically and mentally inhibited and was very fearful of walking and falling again. We understood her concerns and treated her at her pace and comfort level, keeping her inhibitions in mind. She underwent physiotherapy for 3 months where her hips, back, core and legs were strengthened and her mobility was worked upon. She also underwent balance training, learnt independent transfers, learnt to stand and walk around the house with her walker. She was then slowly trained to walk up and down the stairs and was also trained to walk outside her house with proper precautions. She regained her strength, mobility, confidence, independence and her will to live again. She started to slowly get back to her social life and was also able to attend her Granddaughter’s graduation.